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I visited a house, in order to buy it. The frame is traditional: there are 4 poles (about 40 cm) fir that support this frame. One of them split on the height in a very "showy" way and therefore disturbing (for the purchase I am). They have already brought in the craftsman who did the work (he told them not to worry). This frame was laid 5 years ago, so has a ten year warranty. The seller has not taken out any damage. What should I do, who to contact me, what do you advise me to make sure and reassure me, before buying, that this post carrier is not likely to weaken and at worst to collapse with all the consequences what can you imagine?

If the seller has not taken out insurance "damage-books", you will have no possibility of simplified appeal in case of problems... Especially since the defect being reported, it can not be a "hidden defect"...

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