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Concrete, wood, bricks: what material to choose to build your house? Traditional brick houses offer many advantages, both in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Traditional brick houses

Traditional brick houses

The construction of a traditional house

The brick is made of clay. It is a noble material, ecological, and very old. You will certainly find a local brick supplier in your area. Traditional brick is hollow inside.

The method of construction is to join the bricks next to each other, to lay a layer of joint, then to install a new row of bricks, and so on. The construction of a traditional brick house is reserved for professional professionals.

The bricks can be concealed under the cladding of the facade (plaster for example), but you can also leave the bricks exposed. In addition, houses that are not built of brick can have a façade with a brick cladding.

The advantages of a brick house

Brick has several advantages as a building material:

  • It is a natural material that meets environmental requirements. You can consider getting the BBC label with a brick house.
  • The brick has good thermal performance.
  • The brick absorbs moisture and mold, which helps to clean the indoor air.
  • It is a solid material, resistant to weather and weather.

A brick house can be a multi-storey house or a bungalow: all models are conceivable, traditional or more contemporary style with a house with flat roof for example. Make plans for your home with an architect.

The disadvantages of a brick house

Bad sound insulation is one of the disadvantages of the brick house. The brick walls of your house will have to be isolated from the inside or the outside anyway. Insulation from the outside is generally recommended.

On the other hand, a traditional brick house is longer to build than a timber frame house or a prefab kit house.

Video Instruction: Building A Brick House