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We will completely renovate a mansion in the 64, Sault de Navailles. We change all joinery, which must be wood (classified site). Interested in traditional carpentry sheep and wolf (aesthetic), we were advised against arguing that they would be less waterproof and insulating? That there is a high risk of deformation over time with difficulties of opening or closing. What is the best choice: contemporary windows with overlap or sheep windows and wolf's mouth? Thanking you in advance. ps: there are 30 windows to change. Benjamin.

This type of traditional joinery was very common until the appearance of industrial windows. They have been used for centuries without experiencing any particular deformations. Wood, however, is a material that works and inevitably undergoes deformations with time and climatic conditions. Choose especially a double glazing of quality answering the current performances giving you right to the tax credit (if you take advantage of it to carry out a bouquet of works).
Finally just for information: there are woodwork in PVC or aluminum or mixed perfectly imitating the wood... I remind you that no one, not even the Architect of the Buildings of France, can not impose a material, but only an aspect for your windows. Check out my answer to a user's question, which gives you the regulatory texts on the issue.

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