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The culmination of the transformation of an attic into a student studio (Grand Guide Leroy Merlin 2015) the development of an equipped kitchen. To achieve this interior design, it is first necessary to study the implementation of kitchen elements and appliances to pass the plumbing and electricity networks.

kitchen installed in a skylight

Hide networks

conceal cables in the floor of a skylight

Leaving apparent the electricity and plumbing networks are unsightly. Here the frame of the dog-seated allows to hide them in the walls but also in the floor. It is raised on studs that support the joists creating a vacuum that can accommodate the pipes.

What material to use for the plumbing network?

Copper, PER, Multilayer DIYers are spoiled for choice to achieve a power network. Before choosing a particular material, it is better to know them.

• The multilayer: Increasingly used, the multilayer is insensitive to limestone and U.V. Like copper it can be placed both in apparent and embedded. Flexible and manageable the multilayer is very easy to use even on long lengths. Assets that have caught the attention of the owners for this project.
• The per: The most economical of the materials is used only in recessed installation or behind a formwork. Like the multilayer it has a lifespan of about 50 years, requires little tools and resists limestone well.
• The copper: recognized for its very good durability (over 50 years) and for its resistance to corrosion it can be used both in apparent and embedded. On the other hand the copper requires a consequent tooling and a certain knowledge to realize impeccable welds.

An electrical network to the standard

Creating a kitchen requires a electrical network which must take into account the various household appliances (small and large) that will be put in place. No way to connect a hob, oven or VMC on an electrical circuit that is not dedicated to them. The table below shows you the rules to follow according to standard NF C 15-100.

amenitiesPoints of useDrivers sectioncircuit breakerbreaker
Oven, dishwasher12.5 mm216A20A
Hob, stove16 mm232A32A
Hot water tank12.5 mm216A20A
Outlets51.5 mm2no16A
Lighting circuit81.5 mm210A16A

Use the right plasterboard

plan of a kitchen for the skylight

Installed networks the installation of the interior facing can begin.
Trick: before starting this part of the site, test its facilities.
Like the bathroom the kitchen is a so-called wet room. The laying of plasterboard waterproofing is recommended. Easily recognizable by their green color, they are 6 times more resistant to moisture than a standard plate.

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