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I want to create a room, a bathroom and a toilet in an old garage. The soil is concrete but far from level. To bring it back to the same level as the neighboring rooms (kitchen open to the living room), I have to fill between 6 and 17 cm. The finished floor will receive a tiled or floating floor for the bedroom. I want to put an anti-termite film. How do I proceed?

If the garage concrete is in good condition, simply unroll anti-termite film and pour over a screed or slab, depending on the thickness to be made up.
At the regulatory level, it should not be forgotten that the garage does not enter the living space. You must file in town hall a request for authorization of works with change of assignment, bearing in mind that some municipalities refuse the removal of the garage.
If you do not report anything, you run the risk (rare) of a reinstatement obligation. Above all, you will still need to apply for authorization of work authorization and change of assignment, if one day you must sell your house, so that the deed of sale is in sync with reality. The assignment change affects the property tax and the housing tax

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