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There is a simple way to gain square meters for a fairly light cost: turn your garage into a bedroom. Before starting, do not forget to inquire about some formalities and voila! In a few weeks, you can install your new room in the garage.

Transform a garage into a room

Transform a garage into a room

Transform a garage: first settle the administrative

First you have to go to the urban planning department of the Mairie to know the COS (Coefficient of Occupation of Soils) to get your maximum living space. Above 20 m², it is mandatory to file a building permit. Below 20 m², according to article R421-17-b of the urban planning code, a simple declaration of work is sufficient. If you are in zone PLU (Local Urban Plan)), find out, some of these steps do not concern you. For large areas greater than 150 m², it is necessary to call an architect.

Other consequences not to neglect

It does not always think, but expand its living space, it is also an additional cost. So do not be surprised to see his property taxes, its housing tax and his home insurance increase. Despite this, the investment remains very profitable. The extra square meters increase the price of the house. Another possible consequence: it may be necessary to build a covered parking space. It is an obligation in certain areas (PLU, subdivision regulations...). For this, no need to embark on major work, a simple carport will do.

What works?

First stage: clean up the room. Old garages are often wet. These places often have lead pipes, electricity classified as substandard or insulation containing asbestos. It is therefore important to pass professionals to diagnose problems and establish an inventory.

The main works to be done to transform a garage into a bedroom are:

  • insulation walls and roof,
  • the installation or refurbishment of electricity and heating,
  • setting up openings, possibly the installation of a roof window,
  • the replacement of the garage door by a normal door

The work is simpler than if it were to turn a garage into a studio. Indeed, transforming a garage into a room does not necessarily require the installation of a bathroom or a kitchen unlike a living room.


To conceal flaws and exposed pipes, it is interesting to create a false ceiling and formwork. If the ceiling height allows it, you can add a mezzanine to further increase the floor space.
In order to improve the interior aspect, it is advisable to opt for clear walls, the laying of a floor in the direction of the width to break the length of the garage and the installation of mirrors to illuminate the space. There are many tips to maximize space saving with sliding doors, storage height or modular furniture. We can also set up shutters or an electric blind.

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