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I would like to transform a room on the floor of 3.75mX2.75m in bathroom. The flooring is fir parquet laid on joists of 16cmX7cm with a between axis oscillating between 30-33cm. So the 2.75 m of the room is supported approximately by 8-9 joists. The house is old (1900s), but the joists are in good condition. Does this configuration provide sufficient strength for the reception of a bathroom? Can I keep the floor and tile above? Or do I have to deposit it and replace it with slabs of agglomerates?

Attention, the greatest precautions must be taken on this floor already old! The solution you are considering, ie the laying of particle board (or OSB, or even MDF) is good, provided that the joist is in perfect condition and perfect strength. The spacing you describe is good. Use 30mm water-repellent bumpy panels that will distribute loads while protecting the floor from moisture. Then put on a PVC coating, lighter than the tiles and perfectly waterproof.

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