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How to 'cover' an area of ​​loose earth to make a petanque ground (soil + sand + cement on 10-20 cm can it suffice)?

A ball playground must be both regular (without too much parity) and resistant to "cash" shock balls.
For sustainable work, you must:
- first, drop the ground to a depth of about 30 centimeters, then spread about 5 centimeters thick of large gravel.
- compact firmly, for example using a construction roller.
- place on the layer of gravel a geotextile fabric that will prevent the development of underground roots and plants, while allowing the flow of water.
- again place a layer of finer gravel about 10 centimeters thick.
- compact firmly with the construction roller to ensure firm seating and leveling.
- Spread in 2 or 3 successive layers a thickness of 10 centimeters of sand, wet sufficiently and tamp down to obtain a compact surface.

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