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Glazed, solid wood or PVC, the transom is independent of the door but integrates perfectly to create an overall concept. In which cases is your appeal, what are its functions?

A trompe l'oeil to rectify height

The transom is used, especially in case of renovation. It occurs when the opening in the frame is higher than the door that must be placed there. It may be a garage door or a front door. Rather than go through tailor-made to make a door to exact measurements, especially in case of rounding, it is easier to put a transom that will fill this gap. Your budget will be reduced.

It exists several types of transoms. The glass transoms are the best known. They can be fixed or opening and allow to let the light, to illuminate and / or ventilate an entry. We choose the wood for its stamp but also the PVC for its practical aspect. Many ready-to-install standard models may be suitable.

We also talk about a transom to make up the gap between the frame and a garage door, for example. In this case, solid wood or PVC panels are preferred.
To note. Do not confuse transom and oculus. The latter is a glazed opening with various shapes, practiced in the door itself. The oculus is found on the exterior and interior doors and on the bulkheads, unlike the transom.

The installation of a transom

If measurements of space to fill are standard, the pose is simplified, since some transoms are ready to ask. Just follow the instructions and be attentive to the joints.

If you do not find your happiness in the ready to ask, you can cut wooden panels in PVC or to the good measures. Aluminum is not used in this case. The procedure to follow is hardly more complicated than for the installation of a door.

In more complicated cases, a rounded, rare wood species, accord with the entire door, it is better to entrust the installation to a professional, especially to fix the frame
Indeed, once the frame set up and properly fixed, the main panel fits very easily. However, care should be taken to isolate it properly using foams and joints, to prevent energy loss or drafts.

Video Instruction: A Transom Over Double Doors - P2 - with Gary Striegler - Installing the Transom