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Lightweight, elegant and resistant to both corrosion and weather, aluminum gutters are more and more present on the market, and on the facades of your buildings. Focus on the aluminum gutter, its aesthetics and its characteristics.

Aesthetics of the aluminum gutter

The aluminum gutter is a so-called aesthetic and elegant gutter. Aluminum is a material that can be lacquered or colored, and painted in many colors. This feature allows aluminum gutters to match all exterior styles and building styles, although they are better suited to modern architecture. Just as its color, length and diameter can be custom-designed, in keeping with the roof, facade or architecture of a building.

To note: the aluminum gutter can be hanging or creeping.

What are the characteristics of the aluminum gutter?

Beyond their aesthetics, and the many aesthetic possibilities allowed by the material, aluminum gutters are appreciated and used for many other reasons:

  • they are lighter gutters made of other material such as copper or zinc
  • maintenance of aluminum is simple and fast
  • they have a good cold resistance and heat and weather
  • they are also resistant to corrosion
  • aluminum is a recyclable material which allows the recycling of aluminum gutters
  • their average life expectancy is longer when lacquered

How to install an aluminum gutter?

Aluminum gutters are usually custom designed and custom built. In this sense, they are manufactured and installed by a professional who has the appropriate equipment, knowledge and the necessary know-how. The professional uses what is called a profileuse, placed in his truck, which allows him to design the gutter on site, custom and continuously (ie in the length needed and adapted to the building).

Beyond the custom design, it is also possible to install built-in aluminum gutters.

Video Instruction: How to Install Aluminum Gutters