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The zinc gutter is part of our environment. It is the most widespread, and among the most popular. Focus on the zinc gutter, its aesthetics and its characteristics.

Aesthetics of the zinc gutter

The zinc gutter has a classic aesthetic and relatively unobtrusive. In this sense, often the choice of the zinc gutter is imposed by building permit in the context of the respect of classified monuments.

The zinc gutter has an aspect metallic and shiny when new, but after several months of installation, its appearance is patina. It develops a light gray tone or slightly dull.

The zinc gutter can finally be pendulous or creeping, making it a gutter particularly widespread and known.

What are the characteristics of the zinc gutter?

Zinc is the most common material for gutter construction. And the reasons for its success are numerous:

  • zinc is very resistant to corrosionot. The zinc gutter even develops over time a layer, natural film, protecting it from corrosion.
  • its solidity offers him a long life. A zinc gutter is 30 to 50 years old or more depending on the region.
  • zinc is a waterproof material allowing the zinc gutter undeniable efficiency.

How to install a zinc gutter?

The installation of the zinc gutter is particularly delicate. It is all the more so to ensure its effectiveness, and although the material itself is particularly tight, during installation this seal is a priority especially in the areas of nesting.

For the assembly of your zinc gutter, two techniques are essential:

  • A technique reserved for professionals: soldering with tin which consists of cutting the elements of the gutter and soldering them to ensure their tightness. This technique is delicate since it requires know-how and adapted equipment, but it is also the most effective in terms of resistance to time.
  • A technique accessible to novices: interlocking gutters with sealing gasket. Here, it is sufficient to carefully and carefully place the seals for maximum resistance of the gutter.

Video Instruction: Soldering a Gutter Seam