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By making his own turntable, Christian JUDET no longer needs to move his TV stand to watch his programs in the best position. He improved the board by adding two lockers: for his VCR and a cassette rewinder.

A rotating TV tray

Beginner level
Realization: 1 week-end
Cost: approx. 55 €
Mini equipment: drill, combination or ripper, manual tooling

See the plan of this realization (in pdf): A pivoting TV tray: the plan

The principle is simple: a box that pivots freely on a fixed plate, by means of an axis and a raceway consisting of six ball stops arranged in a circle. Four felt pads, fixed under the plate, allow to place it on any support without risk of deteriorating it.

■ The elements of the box and the tray are essentially cut in a panel of 19 mm thick slatted and secured by glued trunnions. They are made of solid oak mats assembled by grooves and false tongues (made of 5 mm plywood). The thrust bearings have been retrieved from old handling tables, but you can easily get them from an industrial accessory store.

The box

It consists of two tablets (top, bottom) of 325 x 620 mm, connected by three boards: two sides and a separation. These parts being assembled by trunnion, the housings of the trunnions must be spotted with precision... and pierced very straight. To do this, the use of specific accessories (anchor, centering) is recommended. If you do not, you can always use the good old method of topping.

■ Top, bottom and boards are bordered with solid oak mats, 19 x 25 or 50 mm wide depending on their position (see diagram). For their assembly by false tongues, these parts receive a groove of 6 x 15 mm. At 10 mm from the ends of the side pads, the grooves must be stopped otherwise they will appear on assembly.

■ The box is assembled and dried between clamps, with the interposition of wedges martyrs to protect the wood. The glue burrs are cleaned immediately with a damp sponge. For aesthetics, the front edge of the two shelves is then fretted with a jigsaw, the curve following an arcuate pattern corresponding to a radius of about 1900 mm. Due to their thickness, the two shelves can be sawn together. A blind hole is finally drilled, well centered, under the lower shelf: it will host a nut to screw that will lock the screw Ø M8 serving pivoting axis. The finish is done with a rasp and sandpaper.

The fixed tray

Measuring overall 410 x 740 mm, the tray is made identically to the shelves of the box but without scribed pad. Once formed, a circle Ø 340 mm, corresponding to the raceway is drawn compass on the upper face (from the center of course) and then divided into six to drill the housing stops ball. The diameter of the holes is to be adapted to the model of the available stops. Those implemented require first drill a countersink Ø 32 mm by 4.2 mm high, then a blind hole (perfectly centered) Ø 24 mm. The use of a vertical support is necessary.

■ The pivoting screw is also housed in a countersunk hole (for its head), drilled in the center of the plate. Its diameter is a little larger than that of the screw, because it accommodates a cut sheath in a tube of Ø 8/10 x 12 mm which will protect the wood of the thread. Note: the countersink is to be made on the underside of the tray.


The pieces are sanded, then dusted. After application of a dye (optional), they receive two layers of melting each followed by a ginning. The finish can be waxed or varnished. In the latter case, a satin varnish "waxed wood look"When dry, the thrust ball bearings are inserted in force in their housing.The central pivot is then introduced from the bottom of the plate, with a washer interposed, and screwed into the nut of the box. Tip: Before inserting the screw, a point of glue (epoxy) is deposited at its end to block the rotation.The four felt pads are glued in the last place under the fixed plate, in the corners.

Felt skates

The felt pads do not prevent slippage when handling the TV. To avoid this you can use a non-slip mat, used in carpentry, by placing it directly on the furniture.

Video Instruction: DIY Articulating TV Mount/Stand ~ Artismia Wood Working