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Many pests swarm in the gardens and attack all plants, whether vegetables, fruit trees or even ornamental plants. Discover in this article how to treat a garden against pests according to the species you face.

Treat a garden against cochineal

Mealybugs generally proliferate on fruit trees, from which they suck sap, causing wounds and proliferation of fungi.
To remove them, the use of alcohol-based solutions and black soap is necessary. Smoother but equally effective treatment : ladybugs, mortal enemies of the cochineal.

Fight against aphids

Aphids also suck the sap of plants, slowing down their growth. Vectors of viruses and mushrooms, they settle willingly on roses and fruit trees.
The ladybird can again help to get rid of the pest, as well as nettle and repellent plants (lavender, thyme, mint...).

Treat plants against snails and slugs

Snails and slugs enjoy the sap of plants and devour their leaves, bulbs, fruits and roots.
The "ramparts" of ash and wood chips around the plantations help slow down these pests. To suppress them, there are chemicals based on iron phosphate.

Protect a garden of mites

Some mites (including the red spider) suck the sap of the trees, causing drying and discoloration of the leaves.
First bulwark against mites: humidity. Watering the plants well is essential. In case of invasion, there are acaricides but one can also use the "services" of their predator, Phytoseiulus persimilis.

Treatment against moths

The larvae of the moth (moth) feed on many plants. Leaves, stems, fruits, buds... are ingested.
Preventive methods to limit spawning are essential here: weed control, hoeing, mulching, watering, etc. If necessary, use a phytosanitary product or the Thuringian bacillus (killer caterpillar bacterium).

Treat the fruit worm

Codling moth (fruit worm) is a caterpillar that feeds on the flesh of fruits.
To prevent its occurrence, there are pheromone traps that limit fertilization. If necessary, bacteractine (natural insecticide) will be sprayed on the affected tree. We can also enshrine the spared fruits and destroy those infected.

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