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What do you recommend as an effective coating on the ceiling of a bathroom so that it does not deteriorate through moisture? (currently the painting is cracking or even taking off).

The peeling of the paint may be due either to an incompatibility between the support and the paint used (for example a glycerophthalic paint on a whitewash), or to infiltrations coming from the ceiling, or else to a bad ventilation which does not allow remove condensation from the ceiling when using the tub or shower. Before you start painting, it will treat the source of moisture. See that there are no leaks, review the ventilation by installing an electric extractor adapted to the size of your bathroom. Once the cause of the moisture solution, you can, after scraping, sanding and filling the plaster of your ceiling, repaint with a technical paint "special wet rooms (Dip'etanch)" which contains antifungal and agents anti bacterial.

Another radical solution if the ceiling is very damaged: the installation of a stretch ceiling made of PVC.

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