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PHMB or PolyHexaMethylene from Biguanide disinfects the water of a swimming pool. It is a non-irritating, odor-free and UV-insensitive product. But the treatment of a PHMB pool does not have only qualities! Here's what to know...

Treatment of a PHMB pool

Treatment of a PHMB pool

The benefits of PHMB

PHMB is derived from a chemical molecule derived from biguanide. The properties of PHMB are bactericidal and fungicidal. Contrary to chlorine treatment, the PHMB is a pleasant product for bathers because its pH is neutral and non-irritating for the eyes and the skin. The product is insensitive to ultraviolet and its pH remains stable even during the hot season and in the face of temperature changes. The treatment of a PHMB pool is therefore a good alternative to chlorine.

If PHMB is effective at breaking down microorganisms, it is not effective against algae and mosses. If your pool water is green, it is advisable to associate the PHMB with a active oxygen treatment to get clear water.

The disadvantages of the PHMB

PHMB is incompatible with chlorine, bromine or copper treatment.

On the budget side, price of PHMB is higher than the price of chlorine or that the price of a bromine treatment. It is necessary to count a fork which is between 15 € and 25 € the can of 1 liter. The treatment of a PHMB pool is therefore recommended for small pools or pools. above ground pools.

How to dose PHMB?

PHMB is marketed in tablets or in liquid form, and the product is always accompanied by an explanatory note. It is very important to read the instructions for use to correctly dose the product. You can find the PHMB in specialized shops or directly at professional swimming pool.

The product PHMB is to be placed in the skimmer or directly in the water. The ideal dosage of PHMB is between 30 mg / l and 45 mg / l. It is not necessary to regularly check the water, once a month is enough. To analyze the concentration of PHMB in water, there are assay kits or colorimetric test strips to measure the level of PHMB.

Some precautions to take...

Attention, because the treatment of a PHMB pool is incompatible with some algicidal products, bromine, copper or chromium. The professional advice is recommended so as not to make mistakes and to have to empty the water of the basin after a bad dosage or mixture.

PHMB is also incompatible with diatomaceous earth filters and cartridges because of its flocculant properties which can clog some filtration systems. To improve the performance of PHMB, it is best to use a sand filter.

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