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The treatment of water is an essential action for the safe use of your pool. Still little known in Europe, treating a bromine pool tends to compete with chlorine more and more frequently. Explanations below...

Treatment of a bromine pool

Treatment of a bromine pool

What is bromine for?

Bromine is a product of the halogen family. It is a slow diffusion product that aims to disinfect the water in your pond. Bromine is also a algaecide very effective.

Bromine: advantages and disadvantages

Bromine has significant advantages: it has no odor and is not irritating to the skin and eyes, contrary to chlorine for swimming pool. Swimming can therefore be done without embarrassment. Bromine is not sensitive to UV radiation from the sun's rays. Therefore, its action remains optimal despite changes in water temperature and it is not useful to add a stabilizer. On the other hand, bromine has an action on the pH of water. PH control of the water regular is therefore recommended thanks to suitable strips (between 7.2 and 7.6)

The negative point is the price of bromine. The treatment price of a bromine pool remains higher than that of chlorine. Expect between 50 euros and 80 euros for a bucket of 5 kg. This also requires the installation of a brominator. In comparison, it takes about 35 euros for a bucket of 5 kg of chlorine.

How to treat brome pool?

A device called a brominator will be installed at the pond filter. It should be filled in bromine tablets every two weeks or so. It is then necessary to regulate the diffusion of bromine according to the desired dosage. The recommended amount of bromine is between 2 and 4 mg per liter of water and performing brominators make these adjustments alone. An annual check will then be sufficient. Of course, the more sophisticated the device, the more expensive it is. It takes about 200 euros for a brominator of good range.

Occasional use

Bromine can also be used in attack treatment, in case of sudden pollution of the basin or during the commissioning of the pool after the winter. To do this, you will use bromine shock. It comes in the form of briquettes or tablets and has a fast diffusion. After a careful cleaning of the basin, place the product directly in the pool and then turn the filtration system on. The water will then be cleaned and disinfected to perfection.

Despite a higher price than some products such as chlorine, bromine has great advantages. No risk of irritation or allergy and no smell. The treatment of a bromine pool ensures you a swim in peace with the assurance of quality water. There is of course other alternatives to bromine such as PHMB (PolyHexaMethylene Biguanide), salt electrolysis, UV disinfection...

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