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Flies, wasps, mosquitoes, processionary caterpillars, ticks... The list of insects of summer and garden is long! And many of them have the unfortunate tendency to bite the man and cause painful bites. But if we do not want to spread toxic products in its green space, the natural treatments and insecticides against garden insects can is a great solution. The essentials on these products easy to access.

In the garden, natural treatments against insects

In summer, it is possible to protect insects in a natural and effective way.

Why choose natural treatments against garden insects?

In the garden, the main concern is not to contaminate the soil and plants with toxic products. But at the same time we must be able to protect ourselves from the pests that want to attack humans during the summer season. Natural treatments and insecticides thus make it possible to meet this dual objective. With what assets?

  • They are economic because they often correspond to ingredients, foods, spices that we already have at home.
  • If you have to get them (essential oils, diatomaceous earth...), they are easy to find and remains inexpensive.
  • Although natural, they are nonetheless effectivebecause they have proven themselves for a long time.

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What natural treatments and insecticides?

When in the garden, it is possible to get rid of the most common summer insects with simple products and systems:

  • The traps with bait: a homemade technique is to make a trap yourself with a sweet water bait that attracts flies, mosquitoes, wasps... and traps them. Arranged on the terraces, on the trees of the garden near the places of life, they are a means of controlling the invasion.
  • The Diatomaceous earth: this powder, composed of microscopic algae, has desiccant and cutting properties (because of the particles which compose it) very effective to kill the insects. It is recommended to fight against chiggers, but also ants.
  • The electric traps or electric swatters attract insects with a UV lamp before killing them with electricity. Placed near the entrances, they can limit the invasion of pests, including flies.

Find our step by step to make fly traps, wasps, etc.

Garden insects: natural prevention methods

Once the treatment is in place, it is important to take care that the intruders do not return. For that, reflexes and good practices not binding are often an effective bulwark to the pests of the garden.


Among the most effective repellents against most summer insects are:

  • The essential oils, easy to use by putting a few drops on a diffuser, such as:
    • lavender,
    • bourbon geranium,
    • pepper mint,
    • citronella.
  • The citronella is the flagship plant pest. It is to dispose in quantity on the terrace, the approaches of the house.
  • Thegarlic, macerated in water that can be sprayed, is also a strong insecticide because of the sulfur it contains.

To noteIn order for repellents to have an effect over time, it is important to think about renewing them regularly.

Preventive actions

For a worry-free summer and stings, adopting these good practices can be a great help!

  • Protect the food on the outdoor table by covering them, so as not to attract pests.
  • Clear the table and clean it as soon as the terrace meal is over.
  • Privilege a trash can hermetically closed and think to change it regularly.
  • Do not leave drinks containing sugary drinks, syrups, wine that may attract insects.
  • If biting insects roam, never make sudden movements.
  • Mosquito nets on the windows can be an interesting solution during the summer season.
  • In the garden, do not walk barefoot on the lawn or tall grass (where ticks can hide), even less in the woods and scrub.
  • Remember to regularly mow the lawn and control your garden for intruders (for example, processionary caterpillar nests).
  • Keep the composter well closed, avoid clumps of wood, foliage...
  • When gardening, always be protected from head to toe: hat, glasses, gloves, long clothing and covering.

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