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After the Scandinavian design, which has been very successful for several years, appeared at the end of 2016, a new trend coming straight from Denmark: the Hygge trend. If no one really knows how to pronounce the word "hygge", the trend seems to appeal to the biggest names in the decor. But hygge is more than just a trend, it's also a Danish way of life. Discover what the Hygge trend is, how it expresses itself in the world of decoration and what are its key elements.

Hygge trend in decoration

Hygge trend in decoration

What is the Hygge trend?

The Hygge trend is a trend straight from the northern Europe. From Denmark more precisely. The hygge is actually a philosophy of life, a Art of living that the Danes have adopted and that makes them the happiest people in the world according to a UN survey. The trend is to take your time, slow down, enjoy the moment and those we love in a warm and welcoming home. Books devoted to this new trend have called it "improved cocooning" and encourage you to give up, to receive friends and enjoy your home.

Hygge trend in decoration

To adopt a deco hygge, no need to spend dizzying amounts. It is repeated, it is above all a philosophy of life. But to make your interior warm and friendly, it's important to adopt a " course of action ". Avoid lacquered furniture and too luxurious environments and opt instead for the Scandinavian style with natural materials (light wood, rattan, bamboo) and a simple and elegant design. Arrange to make your home warm with accessories and soft, dim lighting. Avoid bright colors such as red, bright yellow or orange. For walls, furniture and decorative accessories, prefer soft and natural colors like off-white, pearl gray, powdery pink. Mustard yellow and plum are allowed because they bring warmth to the whole.

The essentials of the Hygge trend

To adopt a deco hygge in your interior, think about these essential ones:

  • CandlesThey are perfect for creating a warm and intimate atmosphere in the living room, the bathroom...
  • A plaid: for cocooning in the sofa by the fire in linen, wool or mesh XXL
  • Pillows: for even more softness in the sofa but also in the bed
  • Natural materials: prefer light and raw wood, linen, cotton...
  • Beast skins: natural or synthetic, it's up to you!

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