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The dressing room is a storage unit that has invested homes a few years ago and is enjoying growing success. Mostly open in a separate room or in the bedroom directly, the dressing room leaves your clothes accessible and in plain view. DuitDesign gives you here some tricks to hide your dressing and melt in the decor.

Tips for hiding a dressing room

Tips for hiding a dressing room

Why hide his dressing room?

The dressing room is a room or a dedicated area where you store, store and store your clothes. If it is very practical and functional, it is also pretty unsightly because it is open on the outside. Hiding a closet makes it possible to conceal hanging clothes, stacks of sweaters or many pairs of shoes. It's also a good way to give a feeling of storage and avoid disrupting harmony and visual balance from your room. Know finally that to hide his dressing is advised for protect your clothes from dust in the long run and prevent them from fading if exposed to sunlight.

How to hide a dressing room?

There are different techniques to hide a dressing and make it look good:

  • Curtains: installing curtains in front of your dressing room is the most economical solution of all. In addition to camouflaging your clothes, they create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Choose curtains in harmony with the rest of the decor for more discretion or unlike curtains with original patterns. Prefer heavy and opaque curtains for a better fall and to show nothing. And of course avoid light and transparent curtains.
  • Japanese panels: sober and elegant, they are also more expensive and more difficult to pose. They have the advantage of being able to delimit the space between room and your dressing room if it is in the same room.
  • Behind the bedIt is possible to hide your closet by placing it behind the bed. The ideal is to put a partition to separate or place screens to separate the dressing room.
  • The doors: To hide an open dressing room, it is possible to close it with sliding doors. The ideal is to opt for doors with the same color as the wall and without handles for maximum discretion and ensure that the dressing is based in the decor.

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