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The wind turbine models are each based on a separate operating mode, including the trip threshold of the unit. This one, different from one equipment to another, makes it possible to adapt to all the climatic situations present on the territory. Explanations.

What wind speed is required for starting a wind turbine?

Although initially wind turbines required a wind speed of around 25 km / h to be able to operate, the technological progress made in recent years has allowed the development of equipment with very low trigger levels. Thus, there are many models of wind turbines today starting with low winds around 10 to 15 km / hour.

How to choose the wind turbine adapted to my situation?

The meteorological conditions specific to each space are thus an essential criterion for determining which type of wind turbine to install, all of which do not have the same triggering thresholds. However, other underlying elements must be taken into account to ensure optimum performance of its equipment.

Indeed, even if a region is located in full wind, it can nevertheless undergo constraints that will reduce the speed. This is the case, for example, in residential areas where houses and other buildings are obstacles which then considerably reduce the wind force. Thus, in areas of low winds by nature and in urban areas, vertical wind turbines and wind turbines are more propitious, except for the Savarius model, which is triggered by average winds due to its weight.

On the other hand, in an isolated situation where the wind is regular and with a speed equal to or greater than 25 km / hour, it is advisable to install a horizontal wind turbine, although this one is longer to start, the time to capture the direction of the wind and to orient themselves in function.

Where can I find out about the wind speed?

Before embarking on the installation of wind equipment, it is essential to carry out a feasibility study, which integrates climatic parameters and topographic data according to your geographical situation. To do this, you can first inquire of yourself with ADEME (Agency of the Environment and the Mastery of the Energy), then to take the attachment of a professional.

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