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Cut grass, bushes and even young trunks... this machine is as comfortable in brushing as for finishing work. A good complement to maintain large spaces.

Thermal brushcutter


Maker: Makita
Reference: BBC 4500
Engine: thermal 2 times
Capacity: 44.9 cm3
Max power: 1.62 KW
Max rotation speed: 8000 rpm
Total length: 1785 mm
Cutting blade diameter: 255 - 305 mm
Sound level: 112 dB in action
Weight: 9 kg with full and cutting head
Accessory: comes with wire cutting head, four teeth blade, harness
Price generally found: 541.86 Euros

In use

Getting started

Delivered in a box, almost ready for operation, the device requires only the mounting of the handlebar (four screws). A tool kit assures the possible maintenance and replacement of the mower head equipped with nylon wire with a steel disc (supplied).

The engine has a fairly enveloping fairing that avoids contact with hot parts. The candle disappears under a small removable hood. The air filter is masked by a side cover. It's easy to open without tools just by squeezing a staple.

With the harness provided, all that's left is to get a face shield, noise caps and a pair of garden glove. On the fuel side, the 2-stroke engine runs on super unleaded fuel with a little bit of mixing oil.

Once full, the machine is ready for more than two hours of operation. The already substantial weight remains very bearable thanks to the harness. The engine starts cold without any problem and our hot tests are satisfactory.

Engine power ensures fast work and the protective "bowl" helps guide the grass. Once the engine is launched, the nylon strands whip hard enough to slice the tall grass... but you have to be careful around the young trees because the speed can hurt them.

With a sawing disc, brambles and thick undergrowth do not last long... This accessory allowed us to slice young trunks 7 cm in diameter in an area to clear.

Small flat:

After only one hour of operation, the anchor point of the harness quick coupler failed (fastening rivets torn from the plastic). Too bad because the system is quite practical. Nothing serious however, because by directly tying the ring, we worked hours without any problem.


A powerful brushcutter, able to maintain a large garden by progressing quickly. The consumption is reasonable compared to the work done and the transmitted vibrations rather reduced.

The lessers

The quick attachment system of the harness is too fragile. A point to review quickly! For the rest, remember to tighten the handlebar screws to prevent it from slipping down when you hit the ground (current maneuver to pull out the nylon strands).

Our opinion

Good displacement engine, rigid drive shaft, possibility to mount all kinds of cutting discs or sawing in addition to the wire mower head... This is a powerful and efficient brush cutter. But the investment is accordingly.



To start, blocking the accelerator, small pumping on the flexible membrane of the carburettor, starter then shot launcher...

High grasses and scrub

High grasses and scrub

To face the tall grass and undergrowth, it is better to mount the four-tooth disc delivered with the apparatus.



The harness allows to distribute the 9 kg on the shoulders: the user can work for hours without "ruining" the back.

Video Instruction: