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The tripod and water heater base are used to install and stabilize this often very heavy unit. Thus, one or other of these accessories will be used depending on the water heater to be installed. Detailed use of the tripod and the water heater base, to be followed in this article.

Installing a water heater: on a tripod or on a base?

Before any installation of a new water heater, it will be necessary to obtain various essential accessories that will adapt to the configuration of the installation, ie:
- vertical wall
- vertical ground
- horizontal

  • The wall mounted vertical water heater is a model that gets fixed on the load-bearing wall. It must be strong enough to withstand the capacity of the device, up to 200 L.

In fact, from 100 L, it is necessary to use a tripod (placed on the ground) or a console on the ceiling (provided that the latter is sufficiently solid).

  • The vertical water heater with a capacity of 200 to 300 L, settles on the floor with a specific stabilizing base.

To note: the horizontal electric water heater is therefore fixed horizontally to the wall, but can also be placed on the ground on a stabilizing base, which the stable electric water heater also allows.

The tripod and water heater stabilizer base

1. The tripod

As previously seen, the tripod intervenes to support a wall-mounted vertical water heater from the ground. It is used in the absence of a load-bearing wall or partition that does not have the strength necessary to support this load.

The tripod must allow easy access to the equipment of the device and must have a passage allowing the installation of the safety group and the cold water and hot water connections of the device.

There are tripod models whose height can be adjusted by adding stabilizing feet. It will be able to adapt to any model of vertical wall-mounted water heater (from 50 to 200 L).

To note: even equipped with a tripod, the wall mounted vertical water heater must always be fixed to the wall with suitable and standardized fasteners.

2. The stabilizing pedestal

The water heaters with stand installation have thanks to him a necessary clearance, necessary for the different passages of the installation (as the pipes of evacuation).