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You no longer have heating or hot water? Your boiler does not turn on anymore, or does it make an unusual noise? You can bring in a professional to troubleshoot your boiler.

Troubleshooting the boiler: how's it going?

First, you need to call your local service company, a plumber or a specialized heating specialist, depending on your type of boiler. Your contact can make a first diagnosis by phone, thanks to the information you give him. It is therefore useful to do some checks yourself to try to detect the cause of the failure.

Then your professional can give you an appointment for an intervention. In case of emergency, it can intervene in a very short time.

After a few checks on the spot, the technician presents you a quote of troubleshooting. Once you have signed the quote, the professional can start repairing the fault.

Who to contact for troubleshooting your boiler?

As part of your annual maintenance or boiler maintenance contract, you may be entitled to one or more repairs during the year. If a breakdown is included in your annual contract, you will not be charged except for parts that will need to be replaced. Having a maintenance contract can therefore facilitate your efforts in case of breakdown, and especially you come back cheaper. Without a maintenance contract, you risk paying the labor at a high price.

In addition, with a specific support contract, you can also benefit from a service of troubleshooting your boiler in case of breakdown. This can be an added security because the heating engineers are not always available immediately. Ask before signing a maintenance contract or a support contract: are the interventions possible 24 hours a day? What types of boilers are concerned?

If your boiler fails, contact your specialist for a quick and effective response.

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