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Obsolete installation, standards not respected... the causes of power outages are numerous. If you need electrical troubleshooting, call an electrician.

Why bring an electrician into your home?

If there is a power outage at home, focus on your safety by calling a professional quickly. It is not advisable to repair your own power outages yourself: you could aggravate the situation, start a fire or be electrocuted! A professional electrician knows the actions to be taken to work safely, as well as the standards in force to respect. On the other hand, it will save you precious time!

When to bring in a home electrician?

First, make sure your home is the only one to have a power outage. If the problem also concerns your neighbors or the whole neighborhood, there is a good chance that the competent professional is the EDF technician. If there is an electrical fault only in your home, call an electrician.

Which electrician to choose for your troubleshooting?

Word of mouth, directories: the sources to find the right professional are not lacking. During your research phase, make sure to compete, to have an idea of ​​the rates charged, negotiate if possible the quote... This will also help you avoid scams, in the case of a choice too fast provider without comparison of prices and services.

What happens once the electrician at home?

The electrician first determines whether the electrical failure is global or rather local. Then, it tests the various elements of your electrical equipment in a well-defined order to better target the origin of the problem: does the electrical failure come from a particular room, a device, a cable? Once the fault is found, the electrician repairs it, possibly replacing the defective part (s).

Discover also the tariffs during the electrical repairs, as well as the essential information on the short-circuits.

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