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The tile, our stove broke down! To prevent this small incident from turning into a disaster, here are the most common breakdowns and malfunctions on heating stoves, as well as solutions to remedy them.

Heating stove: the most frequent malfunctions... and their solutions!

To troubleshoot a heating stove, you still need to know where the fault is coming from! Good news: the heating stoves are not too capricious, and mostly still suffer the same malfunctions, namely:

  • Smoke problems when lighting the stove or when charging the stove. When you have a stove and the ignition is smoky, it is usually a draw problem: the smoke does not succeed in evacuating through the duct, and stagnates in the home.

This drawdown problem can be explained by: a badly cleaned duct, bad ventilation in the room where the stove is installed, a poorly sized duct, a wind that tirelessly brings smoke back into the duct, a sudden ignition of the fire.

  • Problems with sudden stop followed by a loud "beep". Most of the time when the stove stops working and sounds a beep, it is accompanied by an error message that gives indications of the problem. In many cases, the stove considers that the fire has gone out because the temperature of the fumes inside the fireplace did not exceed 60 degrees. This can be due to an empty tank, or to a faulty flue gas sensor.
  • A tank that distributes too much or not enough granulars. The pellet stoves contain a reservoir that automatically distributes the amount of pellets needed to maintain the fire.

But sometimes the screw can not catch the pellets on the sides of the tank. Or it lets too much, and they "choke" the fire. In these cases, it is usually necessary to review the stove setting before changing the screw. And if the instructions supplied with our stove seems a bit obscure, we do not hesitate to go directly to the manufacturer's website to find the instructions for use. She will be much more complete.

Troubleshooting a stove: where to turn?

When our stove breaks downyou have to hire a professional. An approach that will vary depending on where you bought this stove:

  • At a professional who has ensured the sale and installation. In this case, no hesitation, we appeal to him for troubleshooting our stove.
  • At a dealer. Buying a stove in a supermarket or a DIY store is often the guarantee of paying less than a professional. But in case of failure, they will rarely have the right information. And we will have to call a standard troubleshooter.

So if you want a service that ensures after the fact, we opt for an authorized dealer who will be better able to help us.

And if we use an installer for our stove, we check that it is certified Qualibat to offer us a quality installation based on our home.

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