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You come home at night, after a trip or an evening. You can not find your keys or your door has been broken. You immediately think of a night locksmith troubleshooting. Here are some tips before adopting this emergency solution.

The rates of nights make you prefer those of the day

It must be double or triple, for the night rates of a locksmith intervention. Indeed, at night as during the weekend, the locksmith craftsmen arepenalty. They are not supposed to work. Which means that their availabilities in these non-working periods, have a overhead substantial.

Try, first and foremost, to assess the risks. If you inadvertently slam your door and your keys are inside, wait for the day. Whether you have lost your keys, or have been stolen, without any mention of address on the keychain, put the problem to the next day, the night brings advice.

Indeed, by day, you have the opportunity to call the locksmith of your choice close to you and the leisure to contact your insurer or your bank. So many measures that decrease the amount of locksmith troubleshooting.

When a night intervention is inevitable

You have just been burglarized and your lock has been forced. It no longer works with your keys. You can not open it any less close or your home is open to all winds. In this case use a SOS locksmith available 24 hours. Choose the closest to your home, whenever possible. Travel expenses too, double by night.

However, be aware that in the event of a break-in, you benefit from the VAT reduced to 5.5%. Before bringing the locksmith home, be sure to have a regulatory quote and a bill that goes hand in hand. Everything is played on the phone.

Rates vary depending on the services and regions. A slammed door can go from 100 € of day to 300 € of night. The lock replacement is between 600 and 1500 €. You can of course, refuse the quotes that seem exorbitant. But be aware that you are liable for night travel expenses that can range from 50 to more than 100 €.

If caught in an emergency, you think you have been the victim of an abuse, here are 3 possible remedies.

  • A registered letter with AR to the locksmith and a good argument.
  • A complaint to the police station
  • A letter or email to the Regional Directorate for the Repression of Fraud.

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