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Increasingly used in the home to supply rooms and radiators, PER tubes also make it possible to create underfloor heating networks. Plumbing installation will now be child's play.

plumbing: PER tube

Crosslinked polyethylene (PER) is a tinted semi-rigid opaque tube. The color of the tube does not influence its quality. It only serves to differentiate its use in the house: blue for cold water, red for hot water, white for heating water. It is a flexible material, very easy to work because it requires no welding or complicated machining, unlike copper.
The connection between pipes or with the sanitary fittings is made by means of special connections which are fixed by compression, by sliding or automatically. The implementation is carried out with very simple tools (wrench, sliding clamp...) and leaves little room for error. No chance of being wrong, for the happiness of novice DIYers who can launch without fear in the assembly of a plumbing installation.

Insensitive to corrosion and not very sensitive to limestone, the PER is used almost systematically in new construction or during major renovations. But it can also be used for occasional work, like adding a water point in a bathroom, replacing damaged pipes... Its flexibility, resistance and low noise transmission make it a discreet material, easy to integrate and to circulate in various partitions and forms.

Perfect connections

fittings: copper / PER and copper / multilayer

Copper, multilayer and PER can associate. It is therefore not essential to always keep the same material to make your plumbing network.
If you start renovating a water feature, there is nothing to stop you from adding PER or multilayer tubes to an original copper installation. Connections allow you to switch from one to another without problems.

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