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The light bathtub makes a remarkable entrance into the bathroom world. Extremely attractive, it is a huge success. And for good reason, with its many benefits, it also allows the new concept of light therapy in the bath.



How does a light bathtub work?

The material that makes up the luminous bathtub is the secret of its operation. So, rotomolded polyethylene can be recognized by its velvety and warm touch.

Also known as plasticryl, this material uses the rotomolding process (shaping of plastics). This resin has remarkable thermal qualities. Stable, it is extremely resistant and supports chemical detergents, water and UV.

The light emitted by the bathtub comes from an LED lighting, integrated in the coating. The light is thus diffused in the water and the room.

We note that a light bath is available at all prices: from 600 euros up to 7000 euros depending on its range.

Why choose a light bathtub?

The luminous bathtub has been a huge success since its recent appearance on the market. Its many advantages explain such a boom:

  • Its coating retains heat very well (variable depending on model and installation)
  • She comes in all forms: asymmetric, round, island, corner, single or double
  • It exists in many colors: black, white, red, apple green, lilac, fuchsia, lemon yellow, etc.
  • Many options are possible depending on the model: remote control management, hydromassage, music (can connect his ipod)
  • It allows the light therapy and chromotherapy

Light therapy by light bath

With a light bath installed in the bathroom, more candle needs. According to his psychic state, one recreates in a few moments a romantic or Zen atmosphere.

Indeed, it is recognized that light and colors directly affect our psychoemotional state. Based on this principle, light therapy is a gentle therapeutic technique, used in particular to treat seasonal depression.

Depending on the weather, especially in the fall and winter, the light bath can have a positive effect on morale, even if it can not replace the light treatment by a doctor.