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The tubular lock, unlike the multi-point lock or the lock applied, is not a model of lock very famous. Although it effectively protects against break-ins, its operating system is more complex and requires the use of a special key that is very difficult to copy. The tubular lock is therefore generally used for a specific purpose and is not used for the entrance doors of a house.

What is a tubular lock?

The tubular lock is also called pump lock. It looks like a "classic" cylindrical lock that works thanks to pins but in this case, the pistons are arranged in a circle around the cylinder. Its operating system being more complex, it requires several picks to be forced and asks to use a "special" circular key that is very difficult to copy. In case of loss, it is difficult, if not impossible, to redo a key and you must then proceed to replace the lock.

Tubular lock: for what purpose?

Although it is quite effective in protecting against break-ins, the tubular lock is much less common than a cylindrical lock. It is mainly used for motorcycle or bicycle locks, beverage machines, alarms or secure mailboxes.
Tubular locks can be found in U-shaped locks, anti-theft chains or cables, or in disc locks on the brake discs of motorcycles. The U-shaped lock is deemed unbreakable and costs between 10 and 130 euros depending on the model. The chain or cable lock is easily transported and its price is between 5 and 80 euros. The disk lock is ultra-efficient and is very popular because it installs and removes easily. Count between 5 and 130 euros. It is also possible to equip some doors of your house with a tubular lock. It fits perfectly to a bedroom door, kitchen or toilet.
The tubular lock is ideal for hotel room doors or office doors. To be sure to make the right choice, do not hesitate to ask a locksmith who will know exactly what type of lock best meets your expectations and will take care of the installation to ensure optimal security.

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