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How to personalize a piece of furniture by pasting wallpaper: explanations step by step.

Decorate with paper collage technique

Necessary material

Difficulty: Delicate
Completion time: 8 hours out of drying time
  • Bedside raw to paint or mottled on a flea market
  • Roll of wallpaper
  • Scissors
  • Wallpaper paste
  • 8 black and white A3 photocopies of angel motifs (from an engraving template found in a dictionary)
  • Cutter with new blade
  • Black paint
  • Matte acrylic clear lacquer
  • Brush

  1. Fit the table if it is in kit or, clean it wellif it is old.
  2. Cut a piece of wallpaper larger than the surface of the tray (plus 10 cm on each side). Cut small triangles in the four corners of this rectangle to be able to fold the paper under the tray without tearing it.
  3. glue the piece of paper then let it soak for about 15 minutes by folding the faces one over the other.
  4. Cover the bedside table top with the wallpaper taking care to mark the edges and moldings with your finger. Fold the edges of the paper under the tray.
  5. In the center of the plateau, position an angel cut out of a photocopy and paste it.
  6. Cut rectangles of paper with dimensions on each side taking into account the cutout.
  7. After removing the drawer, cover thus entirely the sides of glued paper. Wait 12 hours or so until it is dry before carefully cutting the excess paper with the cutter following the lines of the wood and the location of the drawer.
  8. Use Black and white photocopies for the feet and the drawer.
  9. Cut for the feet of the strips of about 4 cm and stick with the wallpaper glue following the relief.
  10. superimpose other bands to cover each foot of the illustration. Smooth with your finger.
  11. Expect again, everything is dry before cutting the excess paper cutter.
  12. Remove the drawer button.
  13. Cut in one of the photocopies a larger rectangle of 4 cm than the front of it, taking care that the illustration is well centered. Incise in the four corners of the rectangle thus obtained small triangles that will fold the paper without tearing during installation.
  14. Paste on the facade and shape the edges with the finger. Fold the paper and let it dry.
  15. To paint the drawer knob in black then screw it by gently piercing the paper. Then pass a layer of matte varnish everywhere.
  16. iron a second layer on the tray and drawer.

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