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Decoration of a recovery chair with paint and a cushion cover in boutis.

Decorate a recycling chair

Necessary material

  • Cushion cover (for model)
  • Wooden recovery chair
  • Paint brushes
  • Gray and gray-blue paint
  • Matte acrylic paint in the shades of the boutis (Bineau, pots specimens)
  • Tape
  • 3 sheets of layer A3
  • Acrylic matte sealer

Difficulty: delicate
Completion time: 6 hours (excluding drying time)

  • Cover the chair with two layers of dark gray.
  • Let dry.
  • Mark a square in the center of the seat with tape and paint it in blue-gray.
  • Let dry.
  • Outline the often complex motif of the boutis and schematize the shadows.
  • Here, 6 colors were used for the drawing.
  • Place the most centered drawing on the seat.
  • Paint by hand carefully following the pattern.
  • If the file is suitable, it can also be painted, if not adjust the cover of the cushion.
  • Once the set is dry, pass two coats of acrylic matte lacquer.
  • For your convenience, you can reproduce fewer patterns, but larger dimensions.

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