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Tips for small crafts and tips for creative leisure decorative: we explain how to paint lacquer trays service nests.

Decorate and offer decorative trays

Necessary material

Difficulty: Easy
Completion time: 4 hours, excluding drying time
  • Some dry grasses
  • Three trays in white wood (Madura)
  • Glossy Pink Major Lacquer (Ripolin), Passion Red (Leroy Merlin) and Matte Plum (S33 at Resources)
  • Small foam roller
  • Pencil
  • Very fine brush

  • Photocopy directly in black and white grasses collected in the wild.
  • Paint each tray of a different color using the roller, always leaving the white edge.
  • Pass two layers.
  • Wait until the paint dries perfectly between each step.
  • Begin by putting the pattern of grasses on the large tray in pencil.
  • Then draw only part of the sketch on the two little ones: like a puzzle, when the trays are collected, they form a single motif.
  • But the three separated each have their entire drawing.
  • Paint the herbs with a thin brush:
- Plum on the pink background
- Rose on the red and plum backgrounds.

painted tray

Choose the paint colors

Here, we have opted for warm hues in the reds, which give the trays an Asian style.
You can of course choose other colors, but so that the whole is harmonious but be careful ofuse identical and sustained tone ranges.

Video Instruction: