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Make your own decoration and use words and letters like old signs to animate the rooms of the house: here is a wealth of creative DIY ideas!

The typo is the deco: idea of ​​decorations with letters

The decoration in letters

To write! On the walls of the kitchen or the entrance, a word is enough to personalize the place and make it warm.

  • In zinc, iron or wood, the ancient letters that once adorned the façades of the shops are popular. These letters can also be simply asked, forming a word on a chimney. They are easily found in flea markets, or new (Alinea, Hema, Cultura).
  • Feel free to take the brush to write in letters, on the medium of your choice, with the help of stencils.
  • And, if you have a weakness for the calligraphy, let yourself be seduced by the adhesive friezes, which will quickly adorn a wall of a beautiful sentence full of poetry...

Decorative words and arabesques on the windows

decorate its windows with white Spain

  • Make a mixture of white Meudon (or Spain) powder to which is added a few drops of water until the consistency of a thick pancake batter.
  • With a brush brush, apply liberally to a pane.
  • Leave to dry for 15 minutes.
  • With your finger, a spatula, or a pencil of paper, depending on the thickness of the line you want to obtain, draw words or arabesques. The white is removed where one traces.
  • Measure the composition of the drawing to obtain a greater or lesser transparency and thus vary the light that will enter the room.

Customize a basket

decorate a bread crib with adhesive letters

  • Compose the letters P A I N on a computer, with the typography chosen and the right size for the bread box.
  • With tape, fix the letters obtained on an adhesive paper (Venilia), as for a sewing pattern.
  • Cut out the two layers to obtain letters of adhesive paper to place.
  • They can come off and reposition themselves.

A tray decorate with letters

make a deco tray with metal letters

  • Clean the metal letters with a cloth.
  • In a square or rectangular wooden tray, position them to read the desired word.
  • Place a 2 mm thick glass cut to the inside dimensions of the tray over it (it will bear on the highest letters).
  • Carefully push tips without upholsterer's head onto the edge of the tray and gently fold them down with the hammer to stall the glass.

A friendly entrance like the letters of old signs

decorate your walls with pretty words

  • Draw a horizontal line in pencil on the wall where you want to place your message.
  • Before setting or painting the letters, think of calculating regular gaps between each of them.
  • A fun way to make letters: salt dough, painted with a brush or a bomb.

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