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Furniture that has play is subject to breakage. It is important to remedy this, without the need to disassemble everything.

Make a false tenon

To change a broken post, cut a new one in wood similar to the wood of the piece of furniture, or otherwise, the medium.

The old tenon is removed and replaced, either by cutting a mortise, or by fixing the new tenon with ankles.

Create a mortise

replace a broken chair post

Saw the old tenon flush. To equalize with lime.

Then cut a mortise in the room, using a chisel.
Cut a piece of wood, the size of which must be double that of the mortise, in medium.
Coat the mortise with vinyl glue and insert the new post.

Fix new tenon

attach a chair post

Obtain three wooden pegs.
Drill three holes, the width of these ankles and half their length, in the wooden room.
Glue the dowels and place them in the holes.
Drill three identical holes on the false post.
Glue vinyl glue the other part of the dowels, and push on the false post.
In this case, the tenon is longer than in the other.

How to consolidate and stiffen a wooden chair

stick a chair

To eliminate easily the play between different elements of the chair, simply fill the gaps with blocking glue.

disassembly of a chair

If this proves to be insufficient and it is necessary to disassemble the chair, give small shots of rubber mallet to separate the pieces from each other.

pick up a chair

A spacer clamp allows to remove a bar without having to disassemble everything. With each pressure, the jaws deviate one centimeter.

sand the mortise

Hold the bar securely on the workbench and sandpaper the mortise so that the remaining glue is removed.

stick the tenon of a chair

Glue the bar post liberally with vinyl glue (or white glue).
There are quick-setting white glues.

pick up chair bars

Replace the bar, then remove the excess white glue with a sponge before it dries.
Keep the elements tight for a few moments.

hold a chair during drying

Using a strap, firmly hold the pressure between the different parts of the chair.
Let dry overnight.

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