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Tips for changing the wheel of your bike

Before going on a hike, check the condition of your wheels to avoid any risk of punctures and find yourself alone in the middle of nowhere. The first time, changing tires can be complicated, but it can be done by everyone. Here are the detailed steps of a bicycle tire replacement.

Step 1: Loosen the nuts

To change the wheels of your bike, you must first loosen the nuts. These keep the axle to the chassis. Sometimes they are particularly difficult to loosen. In this case, you should spray silicone lubricant or simply use vegetable oil.

Namely: modern bikes do not have nuts, but have a special device that can be unlocked very easily.

Step 2: the brakes

After removing the nuts, it is time to switch to the bike brakes if they do not remove the wheel. To do this, simply detach the brake cable by sliding it out of its sheath.

Namely: the mechanisms of the brakes differ from one model to another. To detach the cable from some models, simply pull it out of the tight position.

Step 3: pull the wheels out

To remove the front wheel, simply remove it when the nuts have been loosened and the cable loose. For the rear wheel, it is necessary lift the chain and release it from the derailleur.

Step 4: deflate the tires

To deflate the tires, simply press the upper part of the valve. To do this, you must unscrew the upper part, then press to pull out the air.

Step 5: Clear the tire

Once the tire is deflated, it is time to release it from the rim. For this, it is necessary to press the tire with the air chamber and to lift a little bit to make it turn. Repeat the operation along the circumference.

It is then necessary to bring a pair of tire changer. These can be replaced by a very solid spoon handle. Just insert the first tire lever or the handle of a spoon between the rim and the tire. Leave it in place and insert the second tire lever. Slide the second along the rim to clear the tire and easily pull the tube out of its place.

Care should be taken not to pierce the tube.

Step 6: Inspect the tube and the tire

To find the air leak, it is necessary to slightly inflate the inner tube and inspect it centimeter by centimeter. The easiest way to find the leak is to turn the inflated tube into a basin of water. Just locate the air bubbles.

The tire should also be carefully inspected for nails, glass, or thorns that may burst the tube a second time.

Step 7: Replace the tube

Start by unrolling the new inner tube, then remove the plastic cap and nut. It is then placed in the tire making sure it is not twisted before inflating it slightly.

Step 8: Put the tire back in place

This is the most delicate step! To find the right direction of rotation, it is necessary to respect the direction indicated by the arrow on the tire. Insert the valve first, then place only the tire side on the rim. The slightly inflated air chamber is then fitted inside the tire. Once in place, the other side of the tire can be returned to its original position. Make sure that the tire is inserted into the rim!

Step 9: inflate the tire

It is necessary to take the time to check the circumference of the tire to see if the inner tube does not come out. If everything is in place, it is advisable to screw the nut. You must then gradually inflate the tire and make sure there is no pinching. If it inflates normally, then simply remove the pump and tighten the valve and the nut with the fingers. If there is a pinch, remove the tire and replace the inner tube properly.
It is important to respect the recommended pressure when inflating the tires.

Step 10: Replace the wheel

Just replace the wheel on the axle, then tighten the brakes and nuts. Before starting at a brisk pace, it should be a small test to see if the wheel is fixed and if the brakes work properly.

Good to know to replace the wheels of a bike

To change the wheels of a bike, it is necessary to bringa new tire, a new inner tube, two tire levers, a pump and a wrench to loosen the nuts.

When changing the tire, do not rush to avoid puncturing the tire or tire a second time and losing even more time. It is also necessary to change the tire if it has cracks. Moreover, after 10 years, it is necessary to change the tires and inner tubes even if they do not present a problem in particular. The ideal is to have two wheels with the same age and the same level of wear. If one of the wheels needs to be changed due to wear, it is best to replace the other wheel as well.

If it is a tubeless tireit is necessary to use a compressor to inflate it. Indeed, the tire is placed on the rim, then inflated until a clap is heard. This sound indicates that its location is correct. It is then kept under inflation for a few hours before adjusting the pressure.

If the bike is equipped with a quick release device, it must be handled with the utmost care. Indeed, the slightest curvature may result in the replacement of the entire axis.

You should also avoid applying grease to brakes, tires and tubes. Indeed, this can lead to premature deterioration of the rubber.

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