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Terrace fogger

Everyone knows the misting systems of the café and restaurant terraces. But we do not always know that it is possible to install this kind of device on its own terrace awning, or even on a large umbrella. Just have a water intake and connect the accessory on a garden faucet. The higher the pressure, the finer the misting.

Necessary material

The kit consists of:

  • A supply pipe
  • Several misting nozzles
  • A bag containing fasteners and riders
  • An end and nozzle tip
  • A quick agreement "male"

Provide a double connection (selector) at the tap

Installation of the misting kit

The fogging connections and nozzles are made of brass and therefore not very sensitive to corrosion.

Screwing the misting nozzles

1. The misting kit includes a number of brass nozzles. Screw the nozzles onto the brass misting fittings.

The fittings containing the nozzles simply snap onto the pipe. They are self-locking.

Interlocking a self-locking coupling

2. Fit the mist hoses into the self-locking couplings.

A special end-piece fitting is fitted at the end of the circuit. Like the nozzle fittings, it is self-locking.

End of circuit end

3. Fit the end cap at the end of the circuit.

Fixing the supply pipe

The feed pipe is fixed here by riders on the jamb of a wooden veranda.

Fixing the supply pipe

1. Secure the fogger supply hose with the jumpers. Be careful not to crush the tube with an unfortunate hammer blow!

The strap-shaped fasteners are wrapped around the mist pipe.

Hose holding strap

2. The misting kit is suspended from the awning by lanyard fasteners. Wrap the fastening strips around the pipe.

Tutorial: How to install a misting kit?: tutorial

Hanging on the awning

3. Hook the "crocodile" type clamps on the blinds.

Connection to water and activation of misting

A spigot is attached to the end of the brass supply pipe, included in the kit.

Screwing on the male end

1. Screw the quick connector "male" onto the end of the supply hose.

The male end is to be connected to a quick coupling of garden hose.

Connecting the fogging kit

2. Engage the quick coupling on the hose feeding the fogger.

A double connector (selector) at the tap makes it possible to separate the supply of a garden hose and that of the misting kit.

Mounting a double connector

3. To be able to continue to have a separate power supply for the misting kit and for a garden hose, install a double fitting on the tap.

The quick coupling of the hose supplying the misting system is connected to the double connector (selector).

Connecting the fogger hose

4. Connect the supply pipe of the fogger on the one hand...

The quick coupling of the garden hose is connected to the double connector (selector).

Connecting the garden hose

5... and connect the garden hose.

The two valves of the double connector (selector) being closed, the tap can be opened.

Opening the tap

6. Open the tap, with the valves on the double connector (selector) closed.

We can now open the supply valve of the misting system.

Opening the fogger valve

7. Open the supply valve of the misting system.

The misting nozzles in operation.


8. Fogger in action.

(photos / visuals: © DIY-Prod, except special mention)

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