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The smaller thermoformed basins do not exceed 1 m wide and 40 cm deep, the largest ones reach 3.50 m and a depth of 70 cm. Explanations for installing one:

Installation of a preformed pond

  1. Clean the location to receive the pond. If necessary, strip the grass and move the plants that occupy the land.
  2. Lay the basin in its final place and delimit its shape, enlarged by about 10 cm. Use stakes and a chalk in the case of a square or rectangular basin or a garden hose for whimsical shapes.
  3. Dig the surface of the body of water and remove the roots and large stones. The excavated form will be modeled on that of the basin. Pay particular attention to any unevenness. Positioned, the hull must float in the dug hole.
  4. Set up a sub-layer of sand 5 cm thick. Ensure final leveling with a spirit level and an aluminum strip: the edges of the pool must be horizontal, both in length and width. Run sand between the walls of the pond and those of the pit. Fill the pond with water.
  5. Hide the horizontal overhangs by pebbles, or lay flat stones stiffened by a mortar point on a bed of sand. Seal. The plantation will be the culmination of the establishment of the basin.

Tutorial: how to install a small preformed pond?: small

This text is taken from the book "From 1 to 99 m²: small gardens, maximum pleasure"from Robert Elger, published by Rustica

Video Instruction: Installation Ubbink ready-made pond