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It is important and necessary to purge its radiators before the winter to allow them to function properly. Detailed explanations.

Bleed a cast iron radiator

Necessary material

plastic bottle
air vent
adjustable wrench

Estimated time: 15 minutes

Cast iron radiators, hot water so, are generally purged once a year, at the time of putting back into operation of the boiler, that is to say at the beginning of autumn. The maneuver is to chase the air that may have accumulated over time inside the radiators.
Without this operation, the radiators will heat less efficiently or may emit a few whistles.

A radiator that does not heat in the same way in its lower part (hot) and in its upper part (colder) will also need to be purged.
The operation is very simple and is done cold, especially to avoid scalding because water will squirt.

  • Close the radiator supply valve and let cool for a few minutes; the time necessary to seize one hand from a container and the other from a wrench.
  • Place the container under the trap, usually located at the top of the radiator on the opposite side of the supply valve. This trap is materialized in the form of a small nozzle.
  • With the key, unscrew the nozzle until you hear a hissing noise: it's the air that escapes. Wait until a few drops begin to come out to screw the trap again and it's over.
  • Reopen the supply valve.

Making a container for emptying with a plastic bottle

  • A plastic bottle with its cap makes an excellent container for draining a radiator.
  • In the direction of the length, cut the upper part to the cutter.

Use a plastic bottle to purge the radiator

  • There are different models of air vent: wheel, square key, or still operable with a screwdriver.
  • Their role is the same: to chase the air contained in the pipes.

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