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Customize your wooden vases with photo transfers

Decorate items with Transcryl and photos

Necessary material

Difficulty: very easy
Completion time: 2 days counting the drying time
  • Photocopies colors of flowers pictures in the desired format
  • Brush, bottle of Transcryl, cutter, container of warm water, sponge
  • Pébéo deco painting "anis", "greengold", "raspberry"; White paint
  • Paper adhesive tape
  • Three wooden vases (Leisure and Creation)
  • Jars with jam or other fine vases to place inside each wooden vase

Preparation of the transfer

  • Lay the photocopy to be transferred onto a flat surface covered with oilcloth (or other smooth laminated material).
  • Using vertical brush strokes, apply a first coat of Transcryl on the photocopied side, leaving the product overflowing.
  • Leave to dry for 20 minutes then repeat the operation by brushing horizontally.
  • Let it dry another 20 minutes and then iron another three layers alternating the direction of the brush.
  • Leave to dry for 24 hours.
  • Peel off the images and cut them to the desired size.
  • Immerse the images in lukewarm water for 20 minutes then peel off the white paper on the back by scratching with the fingernail or sponge.
  • Dry well flat for about 5 hours.

Preparation of the vases

  • Pass two layers of Pébéo pink, aniseed or khaki on the vases.
  • To dry.
  • Where the image will be placed, apply a coat of white paint.
  • Let dry.

  • Behind the flower image, pass a layer of Transcryl and apply the pattern to the place painted in white.
  • Smooth strongly to chase air bubbles.
  • Leave to dry for 24 hours.

  • With paper tape, mark two 1 cm strips at the bottom and top of the pattern.
  • Paint a color more or less sustained than the background.

Use a wooden vase: a reminder of common sense

Do not put water directly into wooden vases but place at the bottom a smaller waterproof container.