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Choose a multi-storey house to benefit from a large home with all the parts you need on a small lot. You can also choose a two-storey house for its aesthetics and charm. The multi-storey house has several advantages, but also some disadvantages compared to the single-storey house. Will it be able to answer all your desires and your possible constraints?

Houses with floors

Houses with floors

What is a multi-storey house?

One storey house has one or more floors in addition to the ground floor, unlike the single-storey house which has only one level. The construction of a multi-storey house is specific. It requires in particular solid foundations to support the different levels.

The benefits of a multi-storey house

By building a multi-storey house, you can truly optimize space to have a large living space even on a small lot. For example, you can choose to reduce the footprint of your home to keep ground to build a beautiful garden. On the other hand, you can arrange the lost spaces under the stairs or in the corridors to optimize the space as much as possible.

In a multi-storey house, the staircase gives a particular charm to the interior decoration.

Unlike the one-storey house, the occupants of the house can find more privacy in a multi-storey house. The living spaces are better defined and separated.

Finally, it is possible to build a multi-storey house on all types of land.

The disadvantages of the two-storey house

The two-storey house is less suitable for people who have difficulty moving (elderly people or people with disabilities in particular). It also carries more risks, especially if you have young children. It is necessary secure the stairs, install a railing, etc. A multi-storey house is also less easy to maintain: it takes more time to clean each floor.

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