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The offset parasol is a model that can be used outdoors, on the terrace, in the garden, around the pool. Being deported, the eccentric foot of this umbrella does not interfere and takes up space. Opting for a sunshade allows you to enjoy the terrace all summer without being "burned" by the sun.

The parasols

The parasols

What does a sunshade look like?

The sunshades are distinguished by the presence an articulated arm which can be rotatable with an eccentric ground foot. Thanks to these features, this umbrella is not at all cumbersome and its position can be adjusted according to the needs of users and the environment.sun orientation.

The only downside with the sunshade is the stability. Nevertheless, we can easily avoid this inconvenience by opting for a model with a foot (or a base) heavy enough to stay in place in strong winds. Note that there are models of umbrellas that are accompanied by a fixing device on the ground.

Two main models available

In the case of a remote sunshade, the choice can be made between two main models.

First, the simple model with a staggered foot compared to the canvas or umbrella tilting and rotating 360° that can rotate the canvas as needed to protect the sun terrace or the pool area. Once the beautiful days are over, the deported parasols are Folding and can easily be stored in a corner of the garage or cellar.

A functional parasol

The sunshade is appreciated for its practical and comfortable side to shade a terrace. Unlike the traditional table umbrella, people are not bothered by the foot and all guests are well protected from the sun's rays thanks to this curved support. Precisely, it is important to choose a support that is long enough for the umbrella to be installed away from the table or other place to protect from heat. Beyond the length of the mast, one must also take into account its maneuverability to be able to adjust it according to the sunshine.

How to choose the right model?

Different elements must be taken into account when choosing a remote sunshade.

On the aesthetic side, the range of colors and the shape of the fabric (round, square, octagonal...) are vast and allow to adapt to the design of the house. We must then look at the dimensions that contribute to the comfort of use. The canvas must be wide enough to protect all users (especially around a table). Attention, the more impressive it is, the stronger the support must be.

Finally, in terms of materials, the polyester fabric is ideal because it is opaque and some fabrics filter UV rays.

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