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Unclog toilets

Clogged toilets? No need to immediately call the plumber or use particularly dangerous chemical drainers! Just have the right accessories and know the procedure to follow.

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Tools and materials needed:

A sucker for WC (with a long handle), or a ferret.

When you notice that your toilets are clogged, do not shoot anymore. By actuating it you could overflow the bowl, which will not make it easier for you.

Step 1: check the origin of the plug.

Before embarking on a bowl operation, raise your eyes to the water collector.
Check that the manifold is not obstructed. If this is the case, it will then lead the pipeline.
If the collector is not involved, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: the sucker.

Unclog toilets: your

Place your suction cup at the bottom of the toilet, so that it completely covers the hole of the bowl so that the air does not pass any more.
Push firmly on the handle of the suction cup and then remount by pumping to create a draft. Repeat the process until the stopper goes away.
If your toilet is still open, you will need to use the ferret.

Step 3: the ferret

Push the end of the ferret into the drain of the bowl. To help him get past the elbows of the pipes, turn the crank.
When you feel an obstacle, turn the crank so that the plug disintegrates, then remove the ferret.

Once the cap is gone, you just have to bleach and rinse your toilet. To prevent them from clogging, we advise you to avoid throwing too thick paper, wipes or food.

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