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Each home has an electrical panel, which brings together in one point all the electrical circuits of the house. The electrical panel also has a protective role: it must be installed according to the standards!

The role of the electrical panel

The electrical panel groups all the electrical circuits of your home in one place. He has a protection role because it prevents electrical hazards such as electrocution or the outbreak of a fire following a short circuit for example. It is also the electrical panel that can host the elements of your home automation system.

A divisional electrical panel, ie secondary, can be useful in some cases. It is connected to the general board but operates independently by often grouping several circuits of a specific area of ​​the house (floor, housing dependency...).

The composition of an electrical panel

An electrical panel consists of different modules such as the electric meter, circuit breakers, differential switches...

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The installation of the electrical panel

The electrical panel must be installed inside your home, be it a house or an apartment. This is to fix the table or cabinet on the wall and integrate the different components. Then, you must connect the cables to the circuit breakers, and this for each electrical device in your home (power outlets, lighting, appliances...). Electrical installations are subject to standard NF C 15-100.

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If your electrical panel is too old and no longer meets the standards, you can replace it.

The price of an electrical panel

The price of an electrical panel can vary between 40 and 400 €. Pre-equipped tables have a higher price. The price also varies depending on the number of modules available, etc.

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