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All models of radiators are equipped with a small wheel or an adjustment knob where different pictograms appear to optimize the performance of your radiators according to your lifestyle. Discover what these small pictograms mean.

Understand the meaning of the symbols of your radiator

Understand the meaning of the symbols of your radiator

Meaning of the pictograms of your radiator

  • SUN: this is the mode "Comfort". By choosing this position, you can adjust the temperature of the room to your liking. Simply position the thermostat on one of the numbers that correspond to a certain temperature. This temperature will depend on the area of ​​the room to be heated but also the power of the radiator.
  • MOON: This is the mode "Thrifty". By choosing this position, the room temperature will drop 3 or 4° C from the "comfort" position without even touching the thermostat. This position is ideal when you are away for a few hours or during the night. Just select the "thrifty" mode and the temperature will automatically go down. It is also the perfect position to maintain a constant temperature in uninhabited or little-used rooms.
  • SNOWFLAKE: This is the mode "Frost-free". By choosing this position, your radiator does not take into account the thermostat and ensures a minimum temperature of 7° C in the room. This avoids any risk of frost indoors when the outside temperatures are extremely low.
  • CLOCK: This is the mode "Programmer". This symbol is not present on all radiators. By choosing this position, you will be able to save on heating because it allows you to regulate the temperature of the room at any time of the day, whether you are present or not. The programmer is responsible for starting the radiator, switching it off and setting the temperature (previously selected). So you can program your radiators to get started half an hour before you come home from work for example and they work in slow motion when you are away.

Know that these pictograms are standardized and used by all European manufacturers to facilitate the understanding of the users. However, if you buy a radiator manufactured outside Europe, the pictograms may be different or have a different meaning. Do not hesitate to consult the user manual for your devices.

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