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Know and solve electrical problems

Unlike many other failures, electrical failures have at least one merit: they are pure logic, and most of the time it is enough not to panic, not to get upset and reasoning calmly to find the origin, and therefore the solution.

Electrical failures always occur at the worst time, that is to say generally... at night!

The origin of breakdowns

The origin of breakdowns

Most power outages come from overloading circuits: we ask the installation more than what it can give. This is the case, for example, when a device of too high power (heating, in particular) is connected to a line designed to supply low-power lighting: the fuse of the circuit jumps or the circuit breaker (s) ( s) the circuit breaker (s) and the power is off. The fault does not necessarily occur when the appliance is plugged in but when it comes into operation (under the effect of its thermostat, if it is a heater or an oven). It is usually sufficient to disconnect the overloaded device and replace the fuse and / or reset the circuit breaker.
Most other faults come from short circuits, that is to say accidental contact between two bare conductors or disconnected inside a device.
This kind of breakdown is more serious and often more difficult to detect: a crack in a switch or socket, or in a device (iron, coffee maker, etc.) and often a smoke release you report the defective device, to replace or repair urgently.

Classic breakdowns

  • An appliance with too much power for the installation causes a fuse to blow or burn.
  • Too many devices are connected to the same circuit.
  • A short circuit occurred on one circuit (both wires came into contact) or inside a device.
  • A wire was disconnected inside an appliance and came into contact with the metal casing of the appliance, causing a return to earth, causing the electrical panel to trip.
  • A light bulb, while grilling, has created a short circuit in the socket's socket.

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