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The twilight switch controls a circuit according to the external luminosity: the automatic lighting of the garden for example.

Set a twilight switch with photocell

installation diagram of a twilight switch with photocell

A twilight switch is a module that installs in the electrical panel and connects to one side of the circuit breaker that protects your circuit and the other to the photocell. The connection to the original switch and the luminaire is not changed.
Do not place the cell near a street light or facing a window to avoid upsetting its operation.

circuit breaker of a switchboard

Locate in your panel the division circuit breaker (DD) that protects your lighting circuit: here a 10 A DD supplying the lighting of an outside path.

Connecting the twilight switch module to the lighting circuit breaker

installation of the twilight switch in the electrical panel

Clip the twilight switch on the rail.
Perform bridging from the circuit breaker (DD 10A) to power this new module.

Installation in the electrical panel to install a twilight switch

With a blue colored conductor, bridge the N (neutral) circuit breaker (DD) terminal to terminal 1 above the twilight switch.

connect the phase terminal of the circuit breaker to its switch

Connect the DD phase terminal (right) and terminal 2 of the switch with a red conductor.
Warning: no more than two conductors per terminal.

connect the circuit breaker terminal to terminal 4 of the switch

Connect the same phase terminal of the DD to terminal 4 of the switch.
Terminal 5 is used to connect the lamp return that was originally on the phase of the DD.

Circuit of the photocell

connect the switchboard to the photocell

Draw two conductors (here brown and purple) from the board to the photocell.
Connect purple in terminal 7, brown in 8.

fixing the photocell of a switch

Outside, fix the cell at least 1 m high.
Lead the control conductors, from the twilight switch previously installed on the switchboard, into IRL ducts and strip them.

connection of the brown conductor from an automatic switch to its night terminal

Plug the purple conductor into terminal 7 and the brown into one of terminals 8 (the one with the crescent moon for operation at night).

setting up the automatic switch

Put the equipment in place in the box, then install the facade that protects the sensor from rain and shocks.

adjusting the photocell

All that remains is to set the twilight switch: setting the time, setting the brightness threshold and programs.

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