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Every decade has a new denomination for recovery. The upcycling whose literal translation is "recycling upwards" appeared in 2002 through the book "Cradle to cradle: Create and recycle to infinity" written by the architect William McDonough and the chemist Michael Braungart. What is it about?

Upcycling with skateboards transformed into shelves

Upcycling with skateboards transformed into shelves

Upcycling, definition

Upcycling is the reuse of objects and materials to be discarded to give them superior value, different use and other purpose compared to their original use. This recycling action from the top is part of a sustainable development approach.

In fact, upcycled objects introduce themselves more and more into our daily lives. Fashion accessories, furniture and decorative objects, ready-to-wear and works of art make more and more use of this technique. They are made by craftsmen, artists and fashion designers in the first place. For example, many collections of waterproof clothing, woven from a wire from plastic bottles are born.

Deco side, the luminaries come first. Retro sugar bowls, simple glass preserving jars come back to a better life thanks to LED bulbs which hardly heat and are not likely to burst their container.

Industrial pallets are repainted and equipped with wheels to make mobile low tables, while cartons and inner tubes are cut out and take all forms.

Upcycling, a personal technique

You too, provided you have old-fashioned accessories, untapped materials or the passion to hunt can put you upcycling. You must of course have ideas and choose to create new objects based on your ability to tinker.

So, a old grater in alu provided to reverse it and create a cardboard background, can become a pencil holder. This same rasp can become a lamp to ask like any old colandercan be used as a wall lamp.

The scales the flat steps are leaning against a welcoming wall, and the paperbacks that tend to go astray. Bricks in the rough can be used as amounts to a shelf which you can perfectly control the height. While the doormats made from pellet-shaped stoppers, create a rustic and practical atmosphere on the threshold of your entry.

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