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Use a fire extinguisher

In case of fire, it is important to know how to react without allowing panic to take over and know the procedure to follow to use a fire extinguisher.

Step 1: the precautions to take

Before you start, make sure your fire extinguisher is suitable for the type of fire you want to extinguish. If so, you may make things worse.
There are different classes of fire, defined by letters that are indicated on the fire extinguisher:

Class A: wood, paper, fabrics, some plastics such as PVC, electric cable plies.

Class B: hydrocarbons (gasoline, fuel oil, petroleum), acetone, alcohols, solvents, certain plastics such as polyethylene, polystyrene, greases, oils, paints, etc.

Class C: propane, butane, natural gas, manufactured gas.

- Before using the extinguisher, if possible, place between the fire and the exit, to leave the place as soon as possible if the fire gets worse.

Step 2: Activation of the fire extinguisher

Use a fire extinguisher: extinguisher

Start by removing the safety pin.

Use a fire extinguisher: extinguisher

If there is a handle under the pin then it will press.
Then aim for the base of the fire.

Use a fire extinguisher: fire

Press the handle.
Finally, sweep the base of the fire with a horizontal movement.

If the fire does not weaken, do not waste time and dial as soon as possible on the 18th.

Video Instruction: How to Use a Fire Extinguisher