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Some clever uses for these insulating gloves.

tinker with silicone gloves

Use silicone gloves: silicone

No more risk of burns or electrocution!
Remember to wear silicone gloves to unscrew a still hot light bulb or to remove the glass door from the oven lamp.

Use silicone gloves: silicone gloves

The fingers dressed in silicone do not slip on the smooth surfaces.
Perfect for unscrewing a recalcitrant bottle stopper!
Ditto to open a jar.

Use silicone gloves: gloves

An improvised trivet for the table or a makeshift iron rest.

Use silicone gloves: silicone

A slide blocked when changing the batteries of the remote control?
Push with the finger of a silicone glove, it slides alone...

Slightly brush your hands the first time silicone gloves are used, they will be easier to put on.

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