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Use a wood grater

Too often confused with the plane, the wood grater is a metal tool resembling a big file. It is generally used to form rounds.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A wood rasp
A pencil
A wire brush

Step 1: preparation of the piece of wood

Start by blocking the workpiece firmly in a vise.
Then draw your rounded pencil.

Step 2: Getting to grips with the tool

Grab the handle in one hand and put your grater on the wood.
With the other hand, you will press on the other end of the blade to keep it on the same plane

Step 3: cutting the wood

Use a wood grater: grater

Push the blade forward, changing its tilt little by little to get the desired shape.
If during sawing you notice that sawdust remains stuck in the blade, do not hesitate to remedy it by passing a metallic brush stroke.

To obtain a hollow and curved shape, choose a rounded rasp and work on two sides so that the wood does not deteriorate by bursting.

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